Getting a Lift from Hydrogen: What Is Possible When It’s Added to Your Device?

Posted on January 6, 2016

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We are in the midst of a digital dilemma. Our devices, from smartphones to tablets, have become central to our lives. They enable us to do our jobs, manage our schedules, and get us from point A to B with a single tap of the screen. But there is one major problem – limited battery life.

It is undeniable that innovation in batteries lags far behind the developments in mobile devices. We are rapidly approaching a point where battery limitations and the hassle of power outlet reliance are limiting our ability to truly be mobile. It’s 2016 and yet battery life is stuck in the ‘90s. We need to begin taking a fundamentally different approach to power and stop relying on batteries alone.

New advances in alternative energy can make all of this possible. Ultra lightweight hydrogen fuel cells, coupled alongside batteries, are significantly changing what’s possible in terms of device power. In fact, when paired together, fuel cells and batteries have the potential to significantly improve the life of the digital devices that are driving our world.

What if “recharging” becomes a term of the past and you could truly live off the grid? Our vision is to free the world from the constraints of traditional energy sources and infrastructures. That means drones that fly for hours, phones that stay powered for days and laptops that last for weeks. Imagine the possibilities…


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