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Posted on December 15, 2015

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Today, we are excited to announce that Intelligent Energy has developed a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell powered range extender for drones, which will be unveiled at CES 2016. The range extender offers longer flight time and fast re-fuelling capabilities, addressing two of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of battery-powered drones.

Drones are one of the most exciting new technologies, but even with advanced batteries their value is limited. For commercial use, they need to offer better flight times and range. That will all become possible with the release of our range extender platform.

A longer flight time coupled with a quick re-fuel opens a wide range of new commercial possibilities for businesses such as drones for inspection of offshore platforms, search and rescue, high quality aerial photography, precision agriculture, parcel delivery and more. Given we also have the ability to tailor solutions to customer requirements, this could completely revolutionise the potential of drone technology.

The Path to Extended Flight Time

1990: Intelligent Energy has been an innovative leader in fuel cell technology for over 25 years and once again we are changing the world of energy technology.

2005: In the last decade we have worked with Boeing Phantom Works to power the world’s first manned fuel cell aircraft in commercial airspace and with Airbus for an auxiliary power unit. 

2015: For the past 14 months, Intelligent Energy has independently tested drones with fuel cell and battery hybrid systems. Flight tests were conducted on two configurations: one solely powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the other powered by a fuel cell-battery hybrid system. A camera was operated on the test flights and was found to record a steady image with no interruptions, a critical feature for commercial drone use.

See the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Drone Prototype!

Our prototype hybrid fuel cell drone range extender will be on display at a special Intelligent Energy Embedded World event at CES 2016. Attendees will get a first-hand look at the impact fuel cells can have on devices, ranging from smartphones and tablets to drones.

Embedded World will be held at The Venetian Hotel, Tuesday, January 5 - Saturday, January 9 in Las Vegas. Come and see the future of energy technology. If you are interested in speaking to Intelligent Energy at the event, please contact us at marketing@intelligent-energy.com.


Gino D'Ignazio

3 years, 11 months ago

It's exiting to see that a new tecnology adaptaple for flight finally became real. Since 1996 I do design electric aircraft (human size) and at that time there was no trace of powerfull and reilable small electric motors, however I was confident that soon or lateral I got them to make my vehicle became one day in the future as real. From 2011 I'm experimentig through a series of test and project thanks to different multicopter prototypes, which I use to built by my self, a Long series of test flight in order to develop (hooing so) human size projects. I'm also an helicopter pilot and your Hydrogen Cell could be very interesting in developing big scale electro-rotors aircraft. I would be very interested to cooperate with you to develop a human size electric multicopter. There are several projects at moment I'm working at, also about remote controlled multicopter for civilian and military application, which thanks to your tecnology could open a wide range of commercial opportunity. To learn more please visit my web site on www.gizio.it. By the way, all my congratulations for Your great Job.

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