An Exciting Time for Battery Development Welcomed

Posted on August 12, 2015

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Breakthroughs in battery technology are welcomed wholeheartedly by Intelligent Energy. Innovation in batteries has lagged far behind other areas of development and have actually held innovation elsewhere back.

The drivers for battery advances are strong whether for electric vehicles, home storage or to power our mobile world—there is very clearly a lot of room for improvement. This is a very exciting time in our field and consistent innovation clearly underlines the steady growth of consumer appetite for better battery life and cleaner energy.

The next big challenge for proposed new battery chemistries, such as the aluminium ‘yolk’ nanoparticle, is the route to market. This news is certainly encouraging, but it should be noted that it can take many years to get from something demonstrated in the lab to something that is ready to be placed into the hands of consumers. That means that it can take a long time to realise the benefits of seemingly the most ground breaking advances.

Fuel cells and batteries are complementary technologies, and at Intelligent Energy we hybridise the two technologies across our target sectors and applications. We therefore look forward to the day we can integrate this kind of technology in to our product offerings, welcome the aluminium yolk to the energy market and wish the researchers well on their commercialisation journey.


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