Intelligent Energy Commitment to Innovation Reflected in Standing as British Patent Leader

Posted on August 27, 2014

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According to the UK government 'Energy and storage' is one of 'eight great technologies' that will underpin future economic growth. This reflects what David Cameron said at the International Festival of Business in June where he spoke about the need to balance the British economy across multiple sectors like engineering and manufacturing, not just finance.

For any technology business, particularly one working in the fast-moving energy sector, intellectual property is what sets you apart from the crowd; it's the fuel of our business. As such it's reassuring to know that a report compiled by the UK Intellectual property Office found Intelligent Energy to be the top British patent applicant for 'energy and storage' technologies in 2013.

We value innovation at Intelligent Energy and this is evidenced by the volume of patents granted and pending to our name. We have filed over 80 patents for 'energy and storage technology' in the UK alone, almost thirty more than the next company. Combine this with over 350 granted patents globally and more than 450 patents pending across 250 patent families and you can get a picture of our commitment to ensuring that the technology we produce is the best and most advanced it can be.

Top UK Applicants

Source: Eight Great Technologies, Energy Storage, A Patent Overview. Intellectual Property Office 2014.

While Intelligent Energy is well known for our power dense, proprietary fuel cell power technologies, it is perhaps less know quite how broad our technology portfolio is. We also develop the wider components necessary to turn those fuel cell technologies into systems and products as well as the software capabilities to manage and optimise their performance and functionality. Intelligent Energy's IP goes deeper still, encompassing fuel cell related manufacture and the generation of hydrogen fuel.

We at Intelligent Energy understand that intellectual property is the lifeblood of our business. As such, we will continue to invest in R&D so as to develop market-leading fuel cell solutions for the automotive, consumer electronic and distributed power sectors. By doing this we will maintain our position as an industry pioneer, making hydrogen fuel cells a commercial reality.


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