Upp Personal Energy Turns Heads at CES 2014

Posted on January 17, 2014

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It's been an exciting time for Intelligent Energy. We've just returned from CES in Las Vegas where we were joined by 250,000 visitors as device makers put their cards on the table and showcased the best they have to offer in consumer electronics, from electric vehicles to smart watches and expanding smart devices.

While electronics continues to shrink in its size and power consumption, phablet launches from both Hisense and Samsung bucked the trend this year with much larger screens, with the former measuring 12.2-inches and the latter 6.8-inches. Meanwhile Sony's Experia Z1 Compact won Engadget's Best of CES Award having shrunk a very capable phone into a smaller, and well received, package with an impressive 20.7 Mega Pixel camera and a top-of-the-class quad-core processor.

No matter which new device you place your bets on in 2014, Consumer Electronics Show visitors know only too well that having enough energy to make it through a busy day is by no means guaranteed - especially as screens grow and processors get faster and more capable.  We unveiled our solution to these personal device energy challenges on Monday, announcing our partnership with high-technology electronics specialist Brookstone to make Upp fuel cell personal energy available throughout the US. The launch earned prominent US media coverage with reports in CNN and CNET and was featured in The Denver Post's 5 things you missed at CES and Fox 2 news' Six odd and crazy technologies at CES (We read “crazy” as something they haven't seen before!)

Upp charging a smartphone

It stands to reason that US consumers need help staying connected: North America has the highest 4G mobile network penetration in the world, accounting for 10% of all connections. But while the myriad of 4G connectivity solutions at CES provide vast opportunities to mobile device users, it also considerably reduces mobile battery life. This challenge makes Upp ideal for US consumers who want 4G's improved connectivity, but don't want the limitation of staying near a plug socket to recharge their device every few hours.

We'd like to thank our partners at Brookstone for putting up a great stand at CES - and all the people that came to experience our new portable fuel cell energy first hand. From now on US customers will be able use the Upp personal energy device stay connected at all times: on the subway, exploring outdoors, or wherever they venture in the world with personal energy in the palm of their hands. Brookstone's extensive presence throughout US airports will offer consumers on-the-go easy access to this mobile power source to supply their energy needs, with the facility to exchange cartridges as required - each giving up to a week's energy for the most power hungry smartphones.

Upp demonstration on Brookstone stand at CES

The adoption of smart mobile devices such as phones, phablets and tablets is a global phenomenon, providing international business hubs with 24 hour access to emails, calls and enabling developing nations with sparse infrastructure to connect and build mobile economies. Whether you're a busy Silicon Valley entrepreneur visiting investors or a climber exploring the Rockies, the odds are that your battery will run low when you're off the power grid with no wall socket to plug in to. The Upp device evens the odds stacked against the mobile user with what New Scientist names the “key component seemingly left in the dust” - insufficient battery life -  recharges a vast array of USB compatible devices from camera to GPS with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

While CES may have showcased many innovations, few offer energy freedom like Upp. Intelligent Energy's new partnership with Brookstone will provide US consumers complete independence from the grid and the freedom to achieve their goals both professionally and personally on their own terms, making their own luck with a trump card - freedom from the grid.


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